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The ultimate underwater flying disc

The ultimate underwater flying disc for young swimmers ages 8 and up. Play catch under the water, use it as a dive plane and invent new games.

Swimming is always more fun with pool toys, and getting kids out from in front of the television and into the pool has never been easier with Aquatoy's fun line of toys for all ages. With toys like the Aquadiscs, Aquaskimmers, and the AquaSkimmer Golf set, there will always be an exciting reason to cool off play time in the water. Inventor Wink Thorne, inspired by playing a makeshift game of catch with a dolphin using a bowling ball, decided to create these great products for underwater play.

Designed to float, the AquaDisc is easier for younger swimmers to carry, throw and retrieve.
Swimming instructors tout the Aquatoy product line, including the AquaDisc, as a great tool for easing first-time swimmers into the water
Patented advanced design
Soft flexible edge for safety
Floats in fresh and salt water
 Floats under water up to 30 feet 
Durable and safe construction
 12" diameter
1 lb.

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