CD4 Pro Dry Man

Bare, Bare
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4 mm neoprene dysuit with easy entry back zipper

Full feature back entry drysuit with 4mm hi-performance compressed density neoprene.

• Easy entry back zipper with internal protective flap
• 3.5 mm high performance compressed-density neoprene, laminated with "DIAMOND-TUFF"
• 3mm neoprene comfort-fit neck seal 2mm collar with vented neck drain
• Adjustable low-profile exhaust valve
• Assembled using exclusive NST (No Stitch Technology)
• Pre-installed suspender tabs
• Bellows Pocket with flap on left leg
• HD Bottleneck latex wrist seals with talc bag
• Kevlar-PADZ durable kneepads
• Durable 3mm neoprene comfort-fit neck seal
• 360 degree swivel inflator valve
• Premium graphics and badging
• HD vulcanized 4mm compressed density neoprene BARE boot
• Delivered with Tech dry hood, medium pressure hose and Dry Suit bag

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For the size XXXL will be charged 5% extra

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