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Alu 80 cuft silver

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Luxfer 80 cuft alu tank with M26x2

Tank comes with oxygene clean single valve M26x2,

 conform european NEN-EN 144-3 regulations.

Luxfer Cylinders of sizes 80 cft (11,1L) are beeing referred as the first choice for stage bottles by the technical diver, because of its excellent buoyancy properties . The cylinders are manufatured in the US and conform to the standards of the European Pressure Equipment Directive. They have a thread M25x2 and come as natural cylinders without coat.


volume 80 cuft (11.1 liter)
weight 14.3 kg (naked tank)
weight in fresh water -1.70 kg (empty)
weight in fresh water +1.08 kg (full)
filling pressure 207 bar
test pressure 311 bar
length 655 mm
diameter 184.2 mm
M25x2 tank thread
oxygen clean
almost neutral in water

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