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€ 27,50   € 29,00




Line cutter in webbing holster

Feather light, strong and cant. Deliverd in a webbing holster with a velcro closure. Because of this it is easy to use.

The unique cutting mechanism of the EEZYCUT TRILOBITE provides the cleanest, sharpest, most effortless cutting action available. Everyone experiences the “wow factor” the first time they use this ergonomically designed cutting tool, as it slices and dices its way through line and webbing. The EEZYCUT TRILOBITE is rated to cut line with ease, repeatedly, up to 8mm thick, and can easily cut through larger line. The TRILOBITE also makes light work of all types of webbing. With replacement blades, this cutting tool provides you with the best cut, every time.

• 2 extra spare knives
• Webbing holster with velcro
• Line Cutter 2-sides
• Size 10 cm x 5 cm
• Ideal on wing

Klanten geven Mega Diving B.V. gemiddeld een: 9.4