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T-Flex man

Scubapro, Scubapro, Scubapro
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Rash guard with short sleeves for men

SCUBAPRO-designed T-Flex vest give you the flexibility to use as a first layer when diving or as an outer layer when snorkeling or swimming. Or just because you like it. Close-to-body fit for added comfort, warmth and style.

High quality, UV-rated FlexTec shirts with close-to-body fit to wear under a suit for added warmth, or used solely as a rash guard for your snorkeling and swimming experiences.

Can be combined with steamers, jackets, beaver tail, dry suits, semi-dry suits or worn alone.

• High comfort for easy movement and added protection.
• Available with short sleeves or long sleeves
• Material: UV-rated FlexTec

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