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The guide to all diving hand signals

Do you speak the official Scuba diving language?

Scubasigns is a useful guide for all scuba diving hand signals (from the basics right through to the fun stuff ) and will make your dives safer, more interesting and of course, more fun. You can now learn how to communicate with each other in the liquid world we love so much. This book has achieved a definitive standard of scuba diving hand signals that any diver will be able to learn and share - from now on all divers will be able to speak the same language underwater!

Would you like to be able to always express yourself and communicate with other divers all over the world? Here is your chance. Scubasigns is the definitive guide to all diving hand signals. It will make your dives safer, more interesting, and of course more fun. Get your copy or one for your diving friends today!

By buying the Scubasigns book you are helping the work of the Scubasigns foundation.
We contribute in the education of local people in undeveloped areas that want to become dive professionals or owners of a dive center. On the local level we want to create a strong economical interest in keeping marine life healty.

written by Dave van Stijn and Mike Harterink
288 pages covering nearly 500 signs

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