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X-TEK Side Mount H

Side Mount, Side Mount, Side Mount
€ 255,00   € 315,00




Harness Side Mount

Side-mount diving was originally conceived as a specific cave diving layout, allowing better maneuverability in small spaces. Side-mount diving has now become widespread.

SCUBAPRO's modular design and compact independent air cell, developed in coordination with leading side-mount cave divers, is available in two sizes. It provides guaranteed quality and a configuration for every diver's needs.

Harness, bladder and cover are sold separately.

• Modular approach
• Compact independent aircell
• Aircell size: 12 liters (25 lbs) or 20 liters lift (45lbs.)
• Soft Airnet finished backpack
• Compatible with current X-TEK Steel and aluminum back plates
• Stainless steel grommets, D-rings and handles
• New Dump valve, corrugated hose and BPI
• Specific streamlined elbow
• Bungee and hooks for tank support
• Fully adjustable, easy to wear and configure
• Harness includes crotch strap
• Side bungees for streamlined shape
• Optional top cover for total streamlining and increased durability
• Weight harness 1.6 kg
• Weight bladder 1.2 kg
• Weight cover 0.1 kg

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