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Communicating while snorkeling

Evolution is in the voice
Now you can enjoy communicating while snorkeling with our newest, patented, invention: the Snorkie-Talkie.

Snorkel & talk like mother nature taught us

OCEAN REEF introduces the first ever Radio Communication system for snorkelers.
Simple to use, it allows you to communicate while snorkeling with other snorkelers and people on boat and land!unique, patented technology, exclusively available for OCEAN REEF – made – Full Face Snorkeling Masks.

Check out this video how it works.
Check out the features in this video.

• Range : 1000ft any direction (does not work underwater)
• Complies with different countries rules (FSR for USA, PMR446 for EU)
• 4 different channels for separate conversations
• Any number of Snorkie – Talkie can communicate with each other, on the same channel
• Rated IP68 (waterproof 3m/10ft)
• Battery level indication
• 8hrs operating time
• 1200hrs stand by battery life
• Adjustable volume
• Snorkie-Talkie is Compatible with other standard radios (on the same frequency)

USB Cable:
• re-chargeable battery
• 8hr complete re-charge

Push to talk button
• Earphone can be placed on right or left side of the head (orange silicone tube bends to preference)
• Integrated speaker
• Speak directly in the mask as you snorkel

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