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Mares, Mares, Mares
€ 45,00   € 50,00




The most popular mask in the world

The success of this product derives from meticolous computer design and numerous optical tests. The central position of the eyes and the optimally angled windows provides the widest possible viewing angle in every direction. Quick-adjusting ergonomic buckles are positioned directly on the skirt.
In 2014 totaly restyled.
A unique and revolutionary design, combined with innovative technical solutions, result in a scuba mask with comfort that goes unmatched, while increasing field of vision in all directions. The contemporary range of colors gives the new X-Vision scuba mask a modern and unmistakable look. Compact easyadjust buckle. Optical lenses available.

• State of the art design
• Field of vision increased by an astounding 20%
• Vibrant new colors
• Compact easy-adjust buckle
• Optical lens option (negative and positive)

Klanten geven Mega Diving B.V. gemiddeld een: 9.3